Robert Breer (1926-2011)
Recreation (1956-57)
Featuring a commentary by Noel Burch (in nonsense French), Recreation's rapid-fire montage of single-frame images of incredible density and intensity has been compared to contemporary Beat poetry.

There is something addictive and fascinating about this film. The way the film uses rapid montage of ambiguous and unrecognizable images makes you totally confused and awed, but it has the power to control what to be seen and told and truly draw your attention. From the given environment of continuously and rapidly changing colors and shapes, you instinctively try to find a recognizable shape or image, and you feel satisfied and settled when you finally identify one. But, this film gives you no time to grasp and understand each image, so it keeps you insecure and confused throughout the film. The beat and tempo of the voice and the dynamic movement of images are also synchronized, and it seems to make a comment on exuberant and revolutionary culture of contemporary Beat poetry.