Film & Video

Les invisibles (1995)
Es + città + Vesuvio (1995)
Artists’ serial killer (1996)
Esmigranti (1997)
Horror home movie N.1 (1999)
Guardiesladri (2002)
The prisoners (2002)
Les amants (2004)
No lives were lost (2009)
Il più grande artista del mondo (2015)
Il più grande artista del mondo; installation at MANN (2015)
Cittàlimbo Archives, installation at MADRE (2016)
Ultimatum agli artisti della Terra (2018)

Catalogues / Documentation

  1. Brigataes. Déjà vu.artist book. Napoli (1992) [PDF, 4.5mb]
  2. Artista volante non identificato. exhibition catalogue. Ferrara (2003) [PDF, 3mb]
  3. I have a dream. exhibition catalogue. Napoli (2005) [PDF, 5.6]
  4. Il più grande artista del mondo. exhibition catalogue. Napoli (2015) [PDF, 6.2mb]
  5. Cittàlimbo Archives. Installation brochure. Napoli (2016) [PDF, 532kb]

Aesthetic production mark created by Aldo Elefante in 1992. During his career he made videos, performances, installations, urban interventions.

Brigataes questions, with a taste for irony and paradox, about the position of the artist and the meaning of art in contemporary.

Brigataes name comes from the idea of confusing rationality and irrationality, chaos and discipline, in addition to being assonant with a destabilizing abbreviation.