Don Cherry (1936-1995)

DON CHERRY (1973) dir. Jean-Noël Delamare, Nathalie Perrey, Philippe Gras
Don Cherry and Sun Ra, "New Visions" TV (1989)
Don Cherry's "Multikulti" (1994)

Don Cherry (1936-1995) created an influential legacy by contrasting his Bebop-style Jazz with genres such as Free Jazz and World music. His rise to prominence came in the late 1950s performing Free Jazz with Ornette Coleman. Their music not only shook up the Jazz community with their avant garde sound and inventive compositional structure, but became part of the liberating social revolution that resonated in 1960s American culture. Cherry's interest expanded beyond the gamut of American styles into exotic musical structure and composition. His arrangements often juxtaposed instrumental experimentation with the solemn and ancient musical traditions of the ethnic lands he traveled. Cherry's Bebop-infused solos provided the controversial genre with a traditional Jazz sensibility, helping to maintain an enduring Jazz narrative.

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