Spartacus Chetwynd b. 1973
The Walk to Dover (2006)
Duration: 12 mins

""Aping the narrative from Charles Dickens' semi-autobiographical novel, David Copperfield, Chetwynd leads a group of 'urchins' from London to Dover. They retrace Copperfield’s miserible journey from St. George's Circus where he was mugged to Dover. He ate roots from the ground and slept where he could, Chetwynd's group are also seen to 'live off the land'. Working in collage, painting and performance, Chetwynd combines elements from literature, music and cinema, to make very messy irreverent art. Past reviews have been undecided 'At Best this is 'Punk' or is it simply abysmal'? -- Jarman Film nomination

""'The Walk to Dover' was an experiment, we took a camera that predated digital cameras so we could not see the images we snapped. Also the edit of 16mm film at the end of the 12 min video, this is meant to communicate the adventures we had on the 100 mile walk. It was an experiment and a reaction to video diary and reality TV."

-- Spartacus Chetwynd

"Ten Women Who Use Film" curated by Jennifer Higgie