Phil Collins b. 1970
The louder you scream, the faster we go (2005)
Duration: 10 minutes

The louder you scream, the faster we go was produced as a public art project in Bristol. There Collins established a temporary video company and sent out a call to local unsigned acts to submit their demos. He then selected three bands and made promo videos to accompany their music. Bands were denied any input into the creative process; instead they received a final copy to use as they see fit. Filmed at a summer music festival, a ballet class for the over-50s, and an adult-films production company, the promos are Collin’s personal homage to the heroic era of early pop video. Adhering to firm formal rigour of popular music as a deep-set indicative marker of both belonging and difference, they are imbued with his trademark combination of uneasy affection and subtle exploitation.