Matali Crasset b. 1965
d fuse 05 (2005)
D-Fuse is a collaboration between matali crasset, industrial designer, and Jori Hulkkonen, DJ.

In addition to inviting a hypnotic reverie, d_fuse reveals how matali crasset's work serves a renewed conception of design. Without artifice, it abolishes the boundaries between forms, objects, function and space. This film offers an immersion in a living universe, where the near and far form a single entity, and which never ceases to pulsate and emit.

matali crasset, is an industrial designer. It develops new typologies based on principles such as hospitality, modularity, mobility... d_fuse_05 is his second DVD, a second walk in his imagination.

Jori Hulkkonen is one of the leading artists of the F Com label, on which he has signed five albums. A guest DJ by the world's biggest clubs, a well-known composer, he has championed a music that is both dance and melancholy.