Vivienne Dick (b. 1950)

Staten Island (1978)
Guerillere Talks (1978)
Beauty Becomes The Beast (1979)
Visibility Moderate (1981)
Like Dawn to Dust (1983)
A Skinny Little Man Attacked Daddy (1994)
Saccade (2004)

Vivienne Dick is an Irish feminist experimental and documentary filmmaker. Her early films helped define the No Wave scene. According to The Irish Times, "one of the most important film-makers Ireland has produced".

Dick was born in Donegal and grew up in Ireland during the 1950s, attending University College there in the 1960s. She emigrated to the United States in the 1970s. Upon her arrival in the U.S., Dick became an integral figure in No Wave film culture and produced a series of seminal Super8 short films. Living in New York, which was undergoing a recession and an inexpensive place to live, many of her films were staged around well-known sites such as Coney Island, the Statue of Liberty, and the World Trade Center. The films featured punk performers such as Lydia Lunch, Pat Place (of the band Bush Tetras) and Adele Bertei (of The Contortions). Film critic and author J. Hoberman has called Dick the "quintessential No Wave filmmaker".