Christoph Draeger (b. 1965)

Feel Lucky, Punk??! (2000)
The Last News (2002)
Black September (2002)
Schizo (Redux) (2004)
HELENÉS (Apparition of Freedom) (Redux) (2005)
Hippie Movie (2008)
My Generation (2007)
Blow Up, Stroll On (2007)
the man who stole the moon ... (fell from the sky and crashed on earth) (2010)
Elefante (2011)
Yacht Tragedy (Ship of Fools) (2012)
Storage War Loot (2016)

Christoph Draeger, born 1965 in Zurich, is an internationally known conceptual artist who lives in New York and Vienna. In 1996/7, he moved from Brussels to New York for a one year-scholarship at P.S.1′s International Studio Program. Draeger’s projects take form in installation, video, and photo-based media to explore issues pertaining to disaster and media-saturated culture. His work has been exhibited with galleries and institutions world-wide