Christoph Draeger b. 1965
Blow Up, Stroll On (2007)
This is an exact video remake of the Club scene in Michelangelo Antonioni's BLOW UP (1966). It was produced during a two week residency at Springhill Institute in Birmingham(UK), in September 2006. The shooting took place during one very long Saturday afternoon and features more than 70 extras.

The protagonist (David Hemmings) enters the club looking for the woman played by Vanessa Redgrave. The Yardbirds are playing "Stroll On". While Hemmings squeezes across the frozen crowd, the guitar player (Jeff Beck) gets increasingly frustrated with a distortion in his amp. At the end of the song, he furiously smashes the guitar on the floor and destroys it. While in the original "Blow Up" Antonioni loops the song so the scene can evolve into a riot, in Draeger's remake the song ends where it should: with the destruction of the guitar. The scene now becomes an absurd music video for "Stroll On", as it is recorded on the original Soundtrack album.