Christoph Draeger b. 1965
Storage War Loot (2016)
Storage War Loot 2016

Following the Lehmann Brothers, Roebling Hall closed due to bankruptcy in November 2008. Mine was their last show ever in their Chelsea space. At my advice, the dealer rented a storage unit at Storage Mart to store the unsold stock. I asked if he could store a few items for me: a huge tripod, a few Sotheby frames and a recent sculpture that I had hammered from a NYC parking sign titled, "I will beat you down to my size". Four years later, I received a call from the producers of Storage Wars, asking my permission to feature my work in the show. Storage Mart auctions off any possessions from a unit that remains unpaid for three months. All my objects and many of my friends' artworks changed owner. The sculpture, which the new owner Joe P. calls a "crazy installation", has never been seen again.