Marcel Duchamp 1887-1968
Marcel Duchamp: Iconoclaste et Inoxydable, Part 1: 1879-1915
Marcel Duchamp: Iconoclaste et Inoxydable (2009)

Part 1: 1879-1915
Part 2: 1915-1936
Part 3: 1936-1968


Arturo Schwarz
Michael Taylor
Paul Matisse
Patrice Quéréel,
Monique Fong

Three-part, three-hour documentary with interviews about Marcel Duchamp, directed by Fabrice Maze in 2009.

Directed by Fabrice Maze, this film is a great reference for those (re)discovering to Marcel Duchamp. With subtlety and infinite sensitivity, Fabrice Maze presents Marcel Duchamp in a new light. He dismisses the image of the intellectual cold, rigid, individualistic to show us a man of great simplicity, sensitivity veiled by modesty, a man who made his life a work of art. Throughout the film, we see the develpment of his genius. He bursts in each chapter of its manifestations. From the place of his childhood, we are moving over not alongside Duchamp without feeling the weight of time.... his film had to exist, and now it is (re) brings to life a man who has always fascinated me to the point to withdraw the power of words .. Duchamp is perhaps beyond the language or, more precisely he asks us to reinvent a new, and another, etc. Also of note, the tremendous effort for archival documents that give us unreleased and interviews Monique Fong, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Arturo Schwarz Jean-Marie Drot (to whom we owe "Chess" a filmed interview with Marcel Duchamp.) recounting his meeting with Duchamp and moments who have remained unforgettable. -- Fabrice Pascaud

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