Henri d'Ursel (1900 - 1974)

La Perle (1929)

Duke Henri d'Ursel was a Belgian film director and writer.

He lived in Paris during the 1920s, at the height of the surrealist and avant-garde movements. In 1929 he wrote La Perle, under the pseudonym "Henri d'Arche", based on a story by Georges Hugnet.

Returning to Belgium, in 1937 d'Ursel founded Le Prix de l’Image, a precursor to film festivals of experimental cinema. At the outbreak of the second world war, he founded Le Séminaire des Arts, a prestigious Belgian film club, and precursor of the Musée du cinéma de Bruxelles.

D'Ursel was a friend of both Charles Dekeukeleire and Henri Storck. He was for 25 years vice-president of the Belgian Royal Film Archive.