Robert Fitterman b. 1959

From Bisquick to Eddie Bauer, Fitterman's SPRAWL traces the voice of consumerism via the web as an extention of his Metropolis project ("Sprawl" represents the 4th volume). SPRAWL 01 presents appropriates shopping commentary with found images of mall interiors and sound by Raz Mesinai. SPRAWL 02 runs the text of "Bisquick/Bismarck" at the bottom of the screen while Fitterman reads a text from Thomas Love Peacock. SPRAWL 03 incorporates bits of all of the Metropolis books and was first performed at MoMA. Structurally, it shadows the WMD powerpoint presentation by Colin Powell.


SPRAWL 01, sound by Raz Mesinai and images appropriated from the web; SPRAWL 02, embedded video by Fred Barney Taylor; SPRAWL 03, still images by Dirk Rowntree and moving images by Klaus Killisch. All videos shot by Cheryl Donegan before a live audience in New York City, December 2007.