Luke Fowler b. 1978
Mum's Cards (2018)

The filmmaker’s mother is a retired sociologist whose house is full of boxes and boxes of hand-written index cards. The immense archive is opened up through the stories behind the cards. This personal history raises the question of what sociology can mean in terms of understanding the position of culture in society. "Wars of ideas don't just preoccupy you when you're a student. If you have a temperament with an open mind they go on disturbing you all your life.

""My mother is a Sociologist – she came to Glasgow from the south of England in the 60’s to work within the Politics Department of Glasgow University- after a few years the Sociologists broke away and formed their own department, where she taught until she retired. Although the university advocated and furnished her with her own personal computer – she still used index cards to make notes on the books and articles that she read. Now that she no longer has an office her house is filled with shoeboxes and filing cabinets containing these cards. My mother was absent on the day that I shot this film; the interview and sounds were recorded at a later date." Luke Fowler.