Tessa Hughes-Freeland
Jane Gone (1987)
Jane Gone (1987) has never been released in any home media format and this rip comes from Hughes-Freeland herself and thus is the best available.

The film was made in collaboration with the band The Workdogs, which fellow Cinema of Transgression filmmaker Jon Spencer (Shithaus) was once a member of.

Jane Gone reminds me of the works of Kenneth Anger like Lucifer Rising (1972) and experimental Super-8 shorts of Derek Jarman like Garden of Luxor (1972) and Ashden's Walk on Møn (1973).

The film seamlessly combines both original and found footage.

JANE GONE is a blues video made with the infamous New York band, The Workdogs : Rob Kennedy and Scott Jarvis with sideman Jerry Williams. The Workdogs and Hughes-Freeland had performed together with live music and projections on several occasions, and formed a bond through the conceptual performance Church of the Little Green Man for whom The Workdogs were the church band.

JANE GONE is a further development of Hughes-Freeland combining found and original footage in an experimental and ironic manner.