Tessa Hughes-Freeland
Joker (1983)
Joker (1983) directed by Tessa Hughes-Freeland is an early work by the director that was created before Nick Zedd 'officially' declared the birth of the Cinema of Transgression movement. It is her second film following her experimental burlesque-themed documentary short Baby Doll (1982), which is considered one of the landmark works of the Cinema of Transgression movement.

Joker has never been released in any home media format and this rip comes from Hughes-Freeland herself and thus is the best available.

Director Tessa Hughes-Freeland on the genesis of Joker (1983):

"I made the Baby Doll film in 1982, that was part of a course at university. Then I made a short, called Joker in 1983, which was supposed to be a film to accompany a friend in a band who was gonna sing 'Light My Fire', then we had an argument and didn't want to do it so I just turned it into a film. In 1984 I made Play Boy, I was really broke and couldn't afford to buy much film, but I was interested in collecting all this footage from porn shops. Porn loops, there's lots of other stuff in there as well; westerns, boxing films."