Gordon Matta-Clark 1943-1978
Splitting, Bingo/Ninths, Substrait (Underground Dailies)
This film documents the major building cut made by Matta-Clark in a house on Humphrey Street in Englewood, New Jersey.

Bingo/Ninths In August 1974, Matta-Clark made a cut in a house in Niagara Falls, New York. The artist obtained permission to divide the exterior facade into nine parts. An hour after he finished, the house was demolished; segments of the facade were taken to Art Park and dumped.

Substrait [Underground Dailies] In this film, Matta-Clark explored and documented the underground spaces of New York City. The artist chose a range of sites (New York Central railroad tracks, Grand Central Station, 13th Street, Croton Aqueduct in Highgate, etc.) to show the variety and complexity of the underground spaces and tunnels in the metropolitan area.