Michel Goday (b. 1949)

Malevich, Walking Around the Figures (2009)

Michel Goday was born in 1949 in Port-Vendres (France, North Catalonia). He presented his first works in1975. In the 1980s he was soon recognised for his big installations of ripped paper on glass. Charles Picq’s film “Espace et matière - Space and Substance” (22 minutes) on his installation at ELAC, Centre of Contemporary Art of Lyon, France, won the third prize for French art films awarded by ARC, the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris. It was considered the “first gestural minimalist work” by François Mattey, director of the Museum of Decorative Arts of Paris, and Pierre Gaudibert. Following an installation at the Miró Foundation, and always engaged with his Mediterranean culture, he undertook a pictorial-poetical reflection, “Altarpiece of Memories”. In the book “The Photograph, a Historic Art”, the publisher Skira revealed his photographic work “Intimate Street Images”. In 1983 he was selected to participate in the great retrospective exhibition of artist books organised by the Centre Georges Pompidou. He created the book “A-Test-Station” in situ in Barcelona’s subway. In 2009, Michel Goday implemented his oeuvre Remember Kasimir. The storytelling “Malevitch is not dead, he lives in Barcelona” is a story of two characters that reconstruct the oeuvre of Malevitch in the streets of Barcelona. This photo-fiction (fake) and video art work was at the time visible on the Website Internet. It was presented and sponsored by the centre of Contemporary Art Santa Mònica in Barcelona. At present, in 2018, he prepares a film on his paintings “La Madeloc mountain 360º”.