Ion Grigorescu (b. 1945)

"Masculin-Feminin" (1976 Bucureşti, România)
"Mimică" (1976 Bucureşti, România)
"Pământul" (1976 ?, România)
"Âme=Am" (1977 Bucureşti, Romania)
"Box" (1977 Bucureşti, Romania)
"Dialog cu Ceauşescu" (1978 Bucureşti, România)
"Homme centre l'univers" (1978 Feneriş-Bucureşti, România)

Ion Grigorescu (born March 15, 1945 in Bucharest) is a Romanian painter, was one of the first Romanian conceptual artists and advocates of anti-art, postulating a radical consolidation of artistic activities with quotidian life. He is the creator of numerous films, photographic series, and actions recorded on film, as well as drawings and collages that documented both his private life and the passage of the Romanian people from life under communist regimes to the realities of expansive capitalism.

Ion Grigorescu is one of the most interesting and significant Romanian contemporary artists, an author who is deeply involved in both experimental art and in the revival of the tradition of Christian-Orthodox spirit, using poverisitc devices that are justified by each of the two directions.

He is also one of the first artists to have approached conceptual art in Romania in the early Seventies, using photography and film as important conceptualistic mediums. In the '80s he proved to be one of the few genuine disidents, obviously displaying the symbols of oppression; his supreme pessimism, bordering on the morbid, reminds of the Wiener Aktionismus.

Photos, photographic installation, performance, film and painting are "Documents" illustrating the experiences of the artistic ego in searching to define the self and the relation with the Divinity passing from Tantra Yoga to the regainig of Orthodoxy.