Chris Habib(b. 1974)

Making The Nature Scene (Kim Gordon) (1985)
Lunch On Kern (1997)
Teenie Weenie Boppie (Chris Habib and Kim Gordon) (1997)
Dermafluxus (featuring the work of Spencer Tunick) (1998)
Sonic Youth performs George Maciunas's "Carpenter's Piano Piece #13 (For Nam June Paik)" (1999)
Social Static (featuring the work of Spencer Tunick) (2000)
A Pot with a Cover with a Pot in the Cover (2001)
Always Seems to Move So Slow (2008)
Gelitin (2010)
I Would Make the Dances (2011)
De-Reconstructed History (2012)
Panic in Needle Park (2013)

Chris Habib has worked under a number of names in a variety of media for the past 18 years. Known mostly for his collaborative projects with musicians, galleries and artists, he keeps the good stuff to himself and presently shows only in museums and artist bookstores. While you'll find none of the work that matters most to him online, he's always busy.