Lawrence Abu Hamdan (b. 1985)

Rubber Coated Steel (2016)
Walled Unwalled (2018)
Once Removed (2019)

Lawrence Abu Hamdan was born in 1985 in Amman, Jordan. He studied at Middlesex University and Goldsmiths College, University of London, The Centre for Research Architecture, UK. He is an artist and audio investigator, whose work explores ‘the politics of listening’ and the role of sound and voice within the law and human rights. He creates audiovisual installations, lecture performances, audio archives, photography and text, translating in-depth research and investigative work into affective, spatial experiences. Abu Hamdan works with human rights organisations, such as Amnesty International and Defense for Children International, and with international prosecutors to help obtain aural testimonies for legal and historical investigations. He received his PhD in 2017 from Goldsmiths London and is a practitioner affiliated with Forensic Architecture.