Barbara Hammer (1939-2019)

Contribution to Light (1968)
Clay I Love You II (1968-69)
Dream Age (1979)
I Was/I Am (1973)
X (1973)
Menses (1974)
Dyketactics (1974)
Superdyke (1975)
Superdyke Meets Madame X (1975)
Women I Love (1976)
Multiple Orgasm (1976)
Double Strength (1978)
Tourist (1984)
Parisian Blinds (1984)
Optic Nerve (1985)
Would You Like to Meet Your Neighbor? A New York Subway Tape (1985)
No No Nooky T.V. (1987)
Place Mattes (1987)
T.V. Tart (1988)
Endangered (1988)
Sanctus (1990)
Nitrate Kisses (1992)
Out in South Africa (1994)
History Lessons (2000)
Lover/Other (2006)
A Horse Is Not A Metaphor (2008)
Maya Deren's Sink (2011)
Lesbian Whale (2015)
Evidentiary Bodies (2018)

With a career spanning fifty years, Barbara Hammer is recognized as a pioneer of queer cinema. A visual artist working primarily in film and video, Hammer created a groundbreaking body of experimental work that illuminates lesbian histories, lives and representations. Stated Hammer, "My work makes these invisible bodies and histories visible. As a lesbian artist, I found little existing representation, so I put lesbian life on this blank screen, leaving a cultural record for future generations." Barbara Hammer was born in 1939 in Hollywood, California. She lived and worked in New York until her death in 2019.