Laszlo Hege b. 1928
Six Characters (1968)
The 5-minute short titled Six Characters was shot in 1968. A production executive at East-West Films loaned me an Arriflex 16mm camera with one roll of film for a weekend because he wanted me to do a filmed test for them. I also had some leftover short ends so I called my friends living in the Village at the time, James Hall (The China Syndrome), the models Angela Ho and Azi Aday, Clay Tagliaferro, Grandin Conover (author of play The Party on Greenwich Avenue) and others to "let's do something". We utilized Jimmy's apartment and roof as a location and since the now-defunct airline Braniff was already a client of mine we were given permission to shoot on one of their planes. I made a rudimentary storyboard with stills and we shot it in two days. My teacher at The School of Visual Arts, the film editor Marion Kraft took pity and cut it for me. I never heard of East-West Films again. The original 16mm negative, print and other elements were stolen so this digital version has been made from the last surviving VHS video.

- Laszlo Hege (Director & Cameraman)