Piero Heliczer 1937-1993
The Autumn Feast (1961)
AUTUMN FEAST Date of release:
Format: 8mm, 14 minutes, black & white and color, silent / sound on tape
Cameraman: Jeff Keen
Cast: Piero Heliczer, Kate Heliczer, Jacqueline Keen and others
Music: Angus MacLise - cembalum, Tony Conrad - mandolin, Piero Heliczer - flute

""A grown-up fantasy based on Guy Fawkes Day, the great children's holiday of England, which is a combination of Halloween and the Fourth of July" - Piero Heliczer

""The Autumn Feast lays bare (there should be something that rhymes with hair here or bare there) the mythic structure behind the orange domes and cardboard battlements and gilded gables of our Pasty National Howard Johnsons Baghdad. It rubs the very noses of our mannequins in our mold and sends us spinning into the street - undone and toothless"- Jack Smith