Piero Heliczer 1937-1993
Dirt (1965)
Date of release:
Format: 8mm, 12 minutes, black & white and color, silent / sound on tape
Planned as three hour epic, but when finished was only 12 minutes: also known as BATH SEQUENCE.
Irene Nolan, Gretl Learned, Angus MacLise, Mario Montez [screen name of Rene Rivera], Harry Smith, Gerard Malanga, Andy Warhol, Charles Henri Ford, Ann Mattingley, Barbara Rubin, Jack Martin, Jack Smith, Rosebud, Bobby Driscoll, D. D. Driscoll, Edie Sedgwick, Sally Kirkland, John Cale, Yoram, Kate Heliczer, Bobby Notkoff, N. Y. police dept., Marian Zazeela, La Monte Young, Julie Garfield, Barbara Maultsby, Charles Stanley, Storm De Hirsch, Jonas Mekas and others Music:
Marc Antoine Charpentier: Kyrie and Credo from the mass, "Assumpta Est Maria"

""Two nuns take a bath, then meet a sailor on the Staten Island Ferry" - Piero Heliczer

""Among all the new movies (it has been quiet lately on the underground scene) Piero Heliczer's Dirt touched me most deeply. Its beauty is very personal and lyrical. And every frame of it is cinema. I can do not justice to this beautiful work in one paragraph. It was shot on 8mm and much of its beauty and its cinema come from 8mm properities of camera and film. It is all motion. Together with Brakhage's Songs, Branaman's abstractions and Ken Jackob's not yet released work, Heliczer's Dirt is one of the four works that use 8mm film properly and for art's sake" - Jonas Mekas, Village Voice.