Camille Henrot (b. 1978)
Deep Inside (2005)
Video, felt tip on film, 7'
Music by Benjamin Morando
Song written by Nicolas Ker & Camille Henrot

In Deep Inside a pornographic film is transformed into a voyeuristic, lovelorn ballad. Drawn frame by frame on the 35mm film stock of a '70s pornographic film, the sexual content is partially revealed and partially hidden by black animated forms that seem to be fugitive memories of an old love. Composed by Benjamin Morando (Discodeine, Octet), written and performed by Nicolas Ker (Poni Hoax), the music is slow and harrowing like a howl for love. The artist works with marker as one might use a stencil, revealing part of the original film in the drawing's negative space. By combining pornographic and sentimental expression, the film posits that emotional misery is also physical... Sexual excitation and heartache are both based on an alternation of empty and full, presence and absence, hidden and revealed things... This manipulated film creates ambiguous images where scopophilia is no longer based on tactile frustration.