Hy Hirsch b. 1973
Come Closer
I am trying to expand the researching I am doing more broadly while still keeping it focused to my interests and in relation to other research I have done so that I can build on that. This means looking at new artists, but with a framework of abstract animation and the absolute film movement. This leads me to looking at Hy Hirsh, who I have not written about before. By looking at different artists subtle differences in approach to the use of line, pressure, scale etc will become evident, and subtle variations are what I am interested in utilising to distinguish areas of my work apart.

Something that I think I can learn from looking at this video is ways of considering the use of having two lines being drawn at the same time. It seems to make sense that if there are two lines that they should clearly interact rather than acting as if the other does not exist. An example of this in this video is when there is a rotating loop built from two lines interlocking around each other, this is something I can do some experiments with, such as having them rotate like this for example, or having one line grow faster than the other or have one line loop around with much sharper curves than the other, maybe even with this swapping back and forth, there is a lot of room for experimentation with this.

Looking at this video I had the realisation that I generally draw the loops in my drawings counter clockwise, probably because I am left handed, this does not really make a difference because of the creation of multiple layers, but if I was to draw two lines at the same time I could play around with one heading clockwise and when heading counter clockwise, this is an interesting way to approach having different lines, particularly with having different speeds of line as well. -- Christopher Boote