Abbie Hoffman 1936-1989
Yippie vs. Yuppie: The Great Debate (Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin) (1986)
Duration: 80'58"

Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin were both on the leading edge of protest in the 1960's. Rubin became an entrepreneur and the chief spokesman for the Baby Boom generation. Hoffman remained active in environmental issues and grass roots politics, maintaining his anti-establishment stance until the end of his life.

The 1986 debate featured in this one-hour video was the "final" debate for these two eloquent speakers, following 18 months of touring North America. Though many years had passed since their heyday as counterculture icons, thousands flocked to auditoriums to hear the opinions of Hoffman- idealistic, unrelenting champion for truth and justice- and Rubin- the pragmatic voice of the new right.

*This was ripped from a DVD, but the DVD's original source was apparently a VHS tape. There is a slight video flicker at the bottom of the screen...I think you can see it in the screenshots...but this is rare footage, and definitely worth a watch.

Abbie Hoffman in UbuWeb Sound