Nancy Holt 1938-2014
Resolve (1977)
1977, 77 min, b&w, sound

Using multiple camera angles and minimal repetitions to modulate her friend David Wheeler's personal narrative of his battle with leukemia, Holt presents his physical illness as a site for metaphysical and aesthetic reflection. Holt's editing procedure both frees Wheeler's narrative and closes in on it, effectively projecting the personal into the conceptual.

With: Dennis Wheeler. Dennis Wheeler died November 8, 1977. A Production of Corday NYC. Copyright (c) 1977 Nancy Holt. Canadian Production: Dennis Wheeler. With Assistance From: Biomedical Department, University of British Columbia; Video Inn, Vancouver; Isis, Vancouver; Ardele Lister. Camera: Leigh Deering, Marian Penner-Bancroft, Susan Penner-Wheeler. Post Production: Carlota F. Schoolman, Michael H. Shamberg. Technical and Administrative Assistance: The Kitchen Center for Video and Music NYC; WGBH New Television Workshop, Boston; Castelli-Sonnabend Tapes and Films, NYC. Edited at the Facilities of the Television Laboratory at WNET/13, NYC. Associate Director: Terry Benson. Supervising Engineer: John J. Godfrey. Post Production Supervision: Chris Jorgensen. Videotape Editors: John J. Godfrey, Robert Pounds, Jr. Production Manager: Harriet Abraham. Coordinating Producer: Carol Brandenburg. Executive Producer: David Loxton. This Videotape was made possible by grants from: The National Endowment for the Arts, The New York State Council on the Arts, Canada Council, Beard's Fund. The Television Laboratory is supported by grants from The Rockefeller Foundation and The New York State Council on the Arts.

-- EAI

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