Stewart Home b. 1962
The Eighties (1986)

Duration: 3'45"

This is an edit of a durational piece made in May 1986 which originally lasted one hour and only had incidental ambient noise on the soundtrack. It is more hardcore 'art' as it was originally made but this is the YouTube generation recut 21 years down the line. Other hour long durational pieces made in the eighties include a fabulous video of Pete Horobin and I taking afternoon tea that begins with a five minute static shot of the table before we sit down at it. We really knew how to make fun films back then... I love them, but YouTube doesn't carry hour long works, so you got this instead. My song on the soundtrack was also composed in the eighties, although this particular version was recorded in the nineties. But this static record of my head being shaved from a curly mop sums up the eighties for me. Immediately prior to this a friend in Hackney used to do my hair for me, and she also worked on Mel & Kim's barnets (so I met them a couple of times before they were famous when I headed down to Shakespeare Walk to get my hair cut)... - and since I first put this up I have been getting a lot of comments about how much Britney Spears looks like me (don't forget I did this 20 years before her...)

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