Stewart Home b. 1962
Installations (1988)

Duration: 0'38"

Slides from the shows "Ruins of Glamour/Glamour of Ruins" at Chisenhale Gallery (London, December 1996) and "Desire In Ruins" at Transmission Gallery (Glasgow, May 87), with footage from Refuse at Galleriet Lederfabriken (Malmo, October-November 1988); these were collective shows featuring Stewart Home, Stefan Szczelkun, Gabrielle Quinn, Tom McGlynn, Andy Hopton, Art In Ruins (Hannah Vowles & Glyn Banks), Denise Hawrysio, Ed Baxter and Simon Dickason (Quinn and McGlynn only participated in the first show, Hawrysio only participated in the third of these shows, Szczelkun dropped out after doing the first two). This was put together in 1988 at the same time as the Refuse video, see also the comments on that.

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