Peter Hutton (b. 1944)

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Images of Asian Music (A Diary from Life 1973-1974)

""IMAGES OF ASIAN MUSIC represents footage compiled during 1973-1974 when Peter Hutton was living in Thailand and working at sea as a merchant seaman. While the film is silent, the title was intended to evoke a comparison to the movement of classical Asian music. IMAGES OF ASIAN MUSIC is a personal celebration of Asia formed by a sensitivity to filmic composition and to the perception of these images in a silent time created by the filmmaker." - Whitney Museum of American Art

""... The camera records a ship working out of Thailand, the faces of the seamen, the sea, a storm, fireworks, a big snake coiling exploratorily about a young girl, the huge Buddha in the lotus position and landscapes and skyscapes reminiscent of the film work of Satyajit Ray. It is beautiful, mute, and meaningful in the silence." - Archer Winston, New York Post

1973-1974, 16mm, b&w/si, 29m