Takahiko Iimura (b. 1937)

Yoko Ono : This Is Not Here (1971)
With guest artist, John Lennon, and Yoko Ono, a document of YOKO ONO solo exhibition THIS IS NOT HERE at Everson Museum, New York, 1971.

A document of the Yoko Ono retrospective art show with John Lennon as guest artist, "This is not here" held at Everson Museum, New York, 1971. The film begins with Yoko's speech at the press conference that continues throughout the film as she talks about "radical art", a non-violent one, and advocates "total communication". Many important art objects and installations of Yoko's are seen as the camera goes along with Yoko and John through the installations.

Allen Ginsberg and George Maciunas were among two of many guest artists who participated in the exhibition. At the end a "piano piece" by Yoko in which people including John and Yoko are just hitting continuously the surface of a closed piano is over- whelming.

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