Emily Jacir b. 1972
Ramallah/New York (2004–05)
The two-channel video Ramallah/New York (2004–05), which deliberately confuses the everyday details of the two cities; and the magisterial, multidisciplinary installation Where We Come From (2001–03), one of the most haunting and effective works of contemporary art I’ve ever seen. For it, she asked some 30 Palestinians living in the diaspora and occupied territories the question: ‘If I could do anything for you, anywhere in Palestine, what would it be?’ and then documented in photographs, objects and films her attempts to enact the answers. These included: take flowers to my mother’s grave, pay my phone bill and go on a date with a girl in East Jerusalem to whom I’ve only spoken by phone. -- https://frieze.com/article/influences-emily-jacir