Auto (2019)
Chérie, je suis un genie (2017)

KLITCLIQUE - (Judith Rohrmoser aka G-UDIT * 1983, Salzburg, AT / 2011 * Diploma Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Graphics and Mirjam Schweiger aka $CHWANGER * 1986 / Salzburg / AT 2012 * Diploma Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Contextual Painting)

Is it Art? Is it Music?

KLITCLIQUE is Vienna's answer to sad boys.
Nobody ever recorded them - because they did not want to be on record, but rather cause disruption live - in the Art World, Street Art and various Freestyle Rap Battles. But now finally! With the DIY release of their first single and video "D€R ƒ€MINI$T" , G-udit and $chwanger left the Vienna Undergruntsound, destroying the Parisian genius penis on their way - "Cherié, je suis un genié", touring Germany twice, shitting on ur Gallerist - "D1G IRGENDWA$" - because your mother is our booker, and performing in all kinds of settings.
Rap is not a hole but something else that touches you. On trappy beats, they've acknowledged the museumless painter Maria Lassnig, and often featured the Performance Superstar Florentina Holzinger for ever more frightening stage presence.
Their first album was released in 2018 by BAD IN THE BED records.