Chris Kraus (b. 1955)
Voyage to Rodez (1986)

Voyage to Rodez (1986) by Chris Kraus & Sylvère Lotringer.
A short film recounting an episode in in the life of Antonin Artaud.

Antonin Artaud spent the war years locked up in the Rodez mental hospital (southern France) where he was given electroshock
Voyage to Rodez
Filmmed on location in Rodez, France and Paramus, New Jersey
New Jersey camera: Michael Oblowitz
Narration: Denis-Paul Buoloc
With the voices of: Jean Digot & Marthe Robert
Music: Arto Lindsay
English narration: Marion S.
Mix: Heinrich Zwahlen
Chris Kraus and Sylvere Lotringer
A Chronic Production
Finished with funds from The Jerome Foundation