Bruce LaBruce b. 1964
Super 8 1/2 (1993) Part 1
Part 2

LaBruce stars in this vaguely autobiographical look at a triple-X star-director caught in the downward spiral of his career. Remarks Googie, the art-house auteur who's either exploiting LaBruce or launching his comeback, "He was actually attempting to break down the whole subject-camera relationship... It was as if he was an existentialist trapped in a porno star's body." Well, almost.

Just as LaBruce's scrawny, hangover aesthetics challenge the conventions of gay porn's Wonder Bread desire, his newly adroit camera unsettles narrative assumptions. A dense weave of self-reflexive interviews, cynical vignettes, and outrageous cameos by "Kids In The Hall" Scott Thompson and drag goddess Vaginal Creme Davis - along with moments stolen almost verbatim from films like Fellini's 8 1/2 and Perry's Play It As It Lays - Super 8 1/2 still manages enough rude sex to keep the whole unruly narrative in your face.