Standish Lawder (1936-2014)
Corridor (1970)
Music by Terry Riley. Sound for prologue by Standish Lawder.

CORRIDOR took two years to make. It is my best film. (Standish Lawder)

""... an extraordinary exercise in visual polyphony ... the pyrotechnic surface is exfoliated with Hegelian relentlessness from an elemental formal core ... the many are no less the many for being inescapably the One." - Sheldon Nodelman

""CORRIDOR is a marvelous meld of music and cinematic tension that maintains a visual excitement throughout with its constant exploration of horizontal and rectilinear patterns, chiaroscuros and deep grains, pulsating double and negative exposures, and constant tracking shots of a nude figure standing at the end of a long, close corridor. A first-rate piece of work that has to be seen to be appreciated. CORRIDOR is a film of which any filmmaker would be rightly proud." - James Childs, New Haven Register

Terry Riley in UbuWeb Sound