Maurice Lemaître b. 1926
L'Amour réinventé (1979)
L'Amour réinventé, 1979, 15 min.
Des scènes d'amour très réalistes avec force détails et gros plans, 1978, 15 min 30.
L'Amour, qu'est-ce ?, 1976-1989, 24 min.
Chantal D., Star, 1968, 26 min.

For a long time now, we have been seeing outrageous attempts at tackling the 'woman problem' (and the 'man problem') by pretentious and old-fashioned 'professors' or 'revolu-tionaries,' related to the Nazis or Stalinists, who have just as outrage-ously exalted the proletariat, race or nationality, leading to racist and imperialist crimes. Such excessive behavior can only lead to the exploita-tion and destruction of the very gender concerned. In any case, the basic components of simple love and simple friendship (and a fortiori of Super-Love and Super-Friendship), that we have explored in depth (as evoked in my film, What is Love?), are still so poorly understood today by our contemporaries that even those who claim to be happily experiencing these run the risk of being quickly proven wrong by Life itself."