Steve Reich b. 1936
Thirty Second Spots: TV Commercials for Arists - Steve Reich (1982-83)
30 Second Spots
Joan Logue in collaboration with the artists.
1982-3, color, sound

Inverting the form, style and time frame of commercial television advertising, Logue has produced a unique series of dynamic video portraits of avant-garde artists, writers, musicians and performers. In 30 Second Spots: New York, which Logue terms "commercials for artists," each of the succinct vignettes conveys the artistic essence of her subject with clarity, wit, and an elegant economy of means. John Cage, Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Meredith Monk, Spalding Gray and Steve Reich are among the artists who are captured here with concise drama. Each subject performs in close-up before a stationary camera; Logue heightens this intimate theater with a precise application of subtle electronic effects. Steve Reich's hands are seen in close-up as he claps out a syncopated rhythm; a dance gesture by Arnie Zane and Bill T. Jones is transformed into a sequence of color and texture; Steve Reich's face fills the screen as she knocks on her amplified head with unexpected resonance.

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