Babette Mangolte (b. 1941)
(NOW) or Maintenant entre parenthèses (1976)
16mm Color 10 minutes

I shot (NOW) in two hours more or less keeping everything that was shot in continuity. I had a studio thanks to a friend that was letting me her loft when she was away in France. So both Linda Patton and James Barth came to the studio because I had asked them to help me tryout things for what I then called “Film Portrait” later titled “The Camera: Je”. At the time I was shooting the same images both in B&W and Color and I did that on that afternoon. The film shows a manipulation of objects and a kind of literalness in the use of the word NOW that I liked.

Film = Now - Projected Film = (Now).

The translated title in French with the parenthesis being spelled out adds to the joke.

(NOW) or MAINTENANT ENTRE PARENTHESES, 1976, 16mm Color 10 minutes,

SILENT (24 frame per second) - With Linda Patton and James Barth