MarieVic b. 1960
Whalecum Pcitures - Streetcar Named Desire (2015)

Whalecum Pcitures - La Haine (2015)

Whalecum Pcitures - Full Metal Jacket (2015)

Whalecum Pcitures - Field Of Dreams (2015)

Whalecum Pcitures - Cabaret (2015)

Whalecum Pcitures - Todo Sobre Mi Madre (2015)

Whalecum Pcitures - Vivre Sa Vie (2015)

Multi-channel Video Installation. 2015

Originally presented at Red Bull Studios in New York, Whalecum Pictures is a video installation that playfully investigates the interstice of art and commerce, and the notion of value within a marketplace. The work consists of seven re-imagined scenes from iconic movies, and promotional objects that tie in with these movies. The objects are heavily branded by the fictional production company that develops the movies - Whalecum Pictures.

Whalecum Pictures points to a vicious circle of money through art patronage and consumerism, and exists playfully within it. The brand is philanthropically bestown upon the arts, and the arts bestowed upon the brand. In jest, Whalecum Pictures comes full circle.