Anna Marziano (b. 1982)
De la mutabilité de toute chose et de la possibilité d’en changer certaines (The Mutability of All Things and the Possibility of Changing Some) (2011)
16min, 16mm, black and white / color, France 2011.

This journey into mutability takes place in Abruzzi, Italy, in a territory that was damaged by the earthquake in 2009. By way of fragments of conversa- tions, archive material and readings in public spaces, the film explores the becoming of individual and social bodies.

“The transitory nature of our existence is shown with particular clarity in LAquila. The original impulse of this film was to experience the becoming. On one hand it was about dealing with the acceptance of the perpetual change, which reminds us of being something rather little than big. On the other hand, it was about the choice of taking part to this change in public life. In this propensity towards action, the film finds its political di- mension, moved by an always renewed wonder towards the singularity of each being”. - AM