Ernö Metzner 1892-1950
> Uberfall (Accident) (1928)
Accident (German: Polizeibericht Übefilm directed by Ernö Metzner. The film centers on the struggles of a German citizen who happens upon a counterfeit coin lying in a gutter. The opening sequence of the movie gives a brief glimpse into the notion that the coin might be "cursed," as another passerby is struck down by a car while reaching for the coin in the middle of the road. Although the finder of the coin is at first glad, he soon regrets ever having picked it up. Art Director and Director. Nationality: Hungarian. Born: 25 February 1892. Education: Attended the Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest. Family: Married the actress Grace Chiang. Career: Art director on films in Germany from 1920: first film as art director, Sumurun; 1927Ð29Ñdirected and designed several films; 1933Ñleft Germany with the rise of the Nazis, and worked in the United Kingdom and the United States. Died: In 1953. rfall) is a 1928 German short