Aernout Mik b. 1962
Raw Footage (2006)
Duration: 74 minutes

Raw Footage is a project on the experience and depiction of war, and how normality and extremity are interwoven in wartime situations. In Raw Footage, a two-channel video installation, Mik works with documentary footage for the first time.

The installation is made of raw, unedited images of the war in former Yugoslavia, which the artist unearthed after searching for months in the media archives of Reuters and Independent Television News (ITN). In search of other layers of reality, Mik focuses his attention on the war in former Yugoslavia with the aim of subverting the superficial, yet paradoxically spectacular imagery of war we know from mass by Martens is a documentary in which the maker himself is constantly present as a performance artist. He not only conceived the concept, but is also the cameraman himself, and a reporter and political activist at the same time. With this personal presence, Episode III provides an alternative for the ostensible objectivity in documentary work by both visual artists and filmmakers.