Marilyn Minter (b. 1948)
I'm Not Much But I'm All I Think About (2011)
“It gurgles. It oozes. And it can eat you for breakfast — especially if your name is Marilyn Minter. It’s “I’m Not Much But I’m All I Think About,” a slow-motion video by the artist, known for excessively close-up paintings where freckles, open pores and beads of sweat all look more like glorious costume jewels.In the self-mocking video, now playing 24/7 in the street window of Salon 94 Bowery, Minter stirs up a voluptuous brew of narcissistic pleasure that swallows her initials (in the form of M&M candies) and a silver charm spelling the word “ME” that keeps coming back for another plunge.If her beckoning matmos resembles the bubbling slime in “Barbarella,” it does not have evil on its mind. The ingredients of Minter’s omnivorous pool are vodka and silver cake frosting suspended in glycerin, a delectable goo that coats or splatters.”“Artifacts/ Marilyn Minter’s Oozing Desire”, Linda Yablonsky,, October 28, 2011