Linda Montano (b. 1942)
Learning to Talk (1978)
1978 | 00:45:00 | United States | English | Color | 4:3 | Video

This video is related to Seven Years of Living Art (a seven-year performance of personal endurance Montano began in December of 1984) and adopts the Zen Chakra system of seven centers as a structuring device. The adoption of the Chakra system arises from Montano's commitment to the study of Eastern culture and religion. Assuming seven different personae corresponding to the Chakra system--French woman (sexuality), nun (security), jazz singer (courage), country and western songwriter (love), neurosurgeon (will), Russian choreographer (intuition), karate black belt (bliss)--Montano questions the concept of wisdom in the Western world. Coupling serious meditation with country and western music, Montano shows how to internalize wisdom while surviving in a culture of comical stereotypes.