Lars Movin (b. 1959)

The Misfits - 30 Years of Fluxus (1993)
William S. Burroughs On The Road - Words of Advice (2010, dir. Lars Movin and Steen Moller Rasmussen [Extras]

Lars Movin is a writer, filmmaker and editor based in Denmark. He has written Beat – på Sporet af den Amerikanske Beatgeneration, a general overview of the history of the Beat Generation, which includes research on William S. Burroughs’ visit in Denmark in 1957. In 2007 he co-edited and co-wrote William S. Burroughs i Danmark which documents Burroughs’ visit in Copenhagen on October 29th, 1983 (with more than 80 never before published photos from the event). His latest publications include a monograph on Captain Beefheart and a 688 page volume on the downtown scene in New York in the 1970s and 80’s.

As a filmmaker Lars directed the documentary Words of Advice – William S. Burroughs on the Road (with Steen Møller Rasmussen) (2007). The film was published on DVD by American distributor Microcinema in 2010. Lars also made two shorter films: Lowell Celebrates Kerouac (with Steen Møller Rasmussen) (1998), which is about Kerouac in Lowell; and Angkor Wat – a poem by Allen Ginsberg (2004), a poetic video notebook from Angkor Wat with fragments of Ginsberg’s poem (read by Lawrence Weiner) on the soundtrack.

He has also published for books (as editor/author) and made a portrait film about the most prominent Danish Beat writer Dan Turèll (1946-1993).