Otto Muehl (1925-2013)

Therese Schulmeister & Otto Muehl - Friedrichshofer Kinderfilme (1985-1987)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

These Shorts are completely acted by the children of the Muehl Kommune and drawing the lives of Dschingis Kahn, Stalin, Hitler, Picasso, and Columbus. All films have been produced from on 1985 up to 1987.

1991 Muehl has been sentenced to seven years of prison - which was the end of the Kommune.

The Commune Friedrichshof von 1972–90 has been funded and profoundly influenced by the austrian artist Otto Mühl in the eighties the commune bought a video equipment and started to produce films.

This Films are rare Documents of an social experiment having not succeeded.

Based on an idea by OTTO MÜHL Directed By Therese Schulmeister