Michael Ondaatje 1943
The Sons of Captain Poetry
I've always found bpNichol so terribly loveable. His writing hums with excitement over language and living. No other poet has given me such pleasure from their playfullness with the written and spoken word. bpNichol poems and recordings can make me giggle at his silliness, and come to tears from the sincerity of his wonder at the world.

Sons of Captain Poetry is short portrait of the artist as a young man. bp, who died far too early at age 44, was only 26 when this film was made on him. His sense of certainty and purpose fills the frame in the course of interviews, and his daring showmanship is exhibited by his songs and poems.

This film gives us a small introduction to the man, and it is certainly not surprising to see that he went on to have such an intense career. What I walked away with most from this documentary was the desire to write a biography on him so that I could get the chance to know him better. -- CanCon

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